Very excited to present this interview with the excellent podcaster Dan Carlin, host of Hardcore History and Common Sense, and for my money one of the most fascinating people producing a podcast today. Dan is a free thinker who never shirks from speaking his mind on any subject that comes his way, and I knew we’d get into some interesting topics. We spent some time talking about why Hollywood almost always gets history wrong, the work of Oliver Stone, what characters from history Dan would like to see get a movie and delve into what ubiquitous digital video means for the future of history.

After you listen I hope you’ll check out some of Dan’s work. You can follow the links above to listen to both of Dan’s exceptional shows.

A big thank you to Seattle band Red Heart Alarm for providing the music for this episode. The band’s new album, Hammer Anvil Stirrup, debuts March 28th.

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