The basic Blu-ray 3D Combo edition

Collector’s Editions and exclusive packaging specials are nothing new. Best Buy and Amazon and Walmart have all struck various deals over the years for some cool version of a new special edition, something with special art and unique packaging or some funky bonus toy that inevitably loses its charm over time but hey, it’s pretty cool when you open up that package and display that little plastic statue or unwieldy disc case.

Paramount is upping the ante with the upcoming disc release of Transformers: Age of Extinction by offering multiple exclusive editions of the Blu-ray for five different retailers, from Amazon to Toys ‘R’ Us, all going on sale on Tuesday, September 30. You’ve got your collectible figures, your character-themed cases, your molded statues, your what have you, all to entice you to get this particular edition.

Or even to buy it in the first place. Paramount needs all the help it can get, as the fourth film in the big screen live action franchise is lagging well the previous feature, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, in U.S. box-office (though it’s doing great internationally).

Of course, you can always just get the regular editions, which are coming in out multiple configurations (Blu-ray 3D Four-Disc Combo, Blu-ray Combo, DVD), or even a packaging-free digital edition (available two weeks in advance of disc, on September 16), but Paramount is hoping that these extra goodies will entice the franchise fans to plunk down a little extra for a cool tchotchke to impress your friends and display your geek credentials. Collect them all!

Here are the different configurations, organized by seller:



Best Buy







Toys ‘R’ Us


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