A film-lover’s dream documentary, Jodorowsky’s Dune is a chronicle of magnificence, obsession, impracticality and excess, all culminating in one of the greatest films that never existed. Chronicling the attempts by noted director Alejandro Jodorowski to adapt Frank Herbert’s sci-fi saga in the early ’70s, director Frank Pavich turns the film from a curious cultural ‘What If?” into a gripping dissection of the business of making films and the buredn of wanting to make art. After dining with producers Travis Stevens and Stephen Scarlatta at Daichan in Studio City, they were gracious enough to join The Lunch Podcast to talk about the project’s genesis, clearance rights vs. ‘Fair Use,’ jamming a film crew into a European car, Jodorowski’s enthusiasm, cultural archaeology, the changing nature of the future and, much like the documentary itself, the tantalizing possibilities of what might have been…

The film can be found on Twitter @JodorowskysDune; Mr. Stevens and Mr. Scarlatta can be found on twitter @TravisStevens and @XNeckX.

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