After a soft launch last week, the brand-new film and pop culture site formally announces its mixture of commentary, community, creativity and conversation for people who love film and pop culture. Cinephiled features a staff of writers who have previously contributed to publications as diverse and distinguished as The Village Voice,, Film Comment, Salon, L.A. Weekly, The New York Times, The Guardian UK, Premiere, MSN Movies and many more.

Cinephiled is the brainchild of Noah Walden, a former editor at MSN Movies, and Michael Taus, a founder of several tech companies including, Flyfone and CrowdStreet — and is a collaborative effort with some of the industry’s leading critical opinion makers, critics and interviewers. Walden and more than a dozen writers with extensive experience at top-ranked film portal MSN Movies (before it ceased carrying original content in September) have reformed along with new staff and new management personnel with a mission to deliver unique voices and unrestrained opinions to movie lovers everywhere.

“Movies are changing — how we watch them, and how they’re made — but the real constant of movies may be how much we love talking about them after the end credits, whether at home or in the always-impressive majesty of the shared darkness of any movie theater. Now, that conversation can happen anywhere, too, and the best film writers — including those who I’m amazed to be lucky enough to work with on this project — can write about film as pure art and pure joy and as a way of talking about the world.”

James Rocchi, Broadcast Film Critics Association, Los Angeles Critics Association

Cinephiled’s staff includes such noted reviewers as James Rocchi, Glenn Kenny, Kathleen Murphy, Sean Axmaker, Jim Emerson, Kim Morgan and Richard T. Jameson. Genre film experts Don Kaye, Jeff Vice, David Walker and Kurt Geltz provide in-depth writing about science fiction, horror and fantasy. Engaging interviewers including Bryan Reesman and Danny Miller chat with filmmakers and actors at the top of their craft — and with those just getting started. And pop-culture authorities such as Martha Brokenbrough, Gwen Elliot, Myriam Gabriel-Pollock, Frank Paiva and Geoff Kirsch weigh in with commentary, analysis and humor.

The Cinephiled team also knows the industry’s ever-changing inside and can be honest and fair even when cleaving the good from the bad among Hollywood’s much-beloved mega-budget blockbusters.

“I know there are a lot of people out there whose reflexive reaction to this announcement will be, ‘Another movie website, just what the world needs.’ Actually, I think a website like Cinephiled IS something the world needs: a variety of fluent writers who are passionate about movies and communicate that passion in an intelligent, accessible, non-dogmatic way. At the same time, I definitely see the site as a place where we can experiment with new ways of conducting criticism and where we can write about things that inform the movies we love and the movies we don’t.”

Glenn Kenny, former editor of Premiere and lead critic for MSN Movies

Constantly updated with everything from real news to long-form features, historical side-notes to a truly comprehensive focus on reviews of films in theaters or on disc, Cinephiled also offers the audience a clean user experience, easy commenting, swift social-media sharing and collaborative curation of a truly modern site. Movie lovers can follow Cinephiled on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to keep up with the latest industry news, views and interviews, as well as Cinephiled’s own mix of original podcasts and collaboration with like-minded creators.

The staff of Cinephiled also plans to work with university programs focused on film criticism to help nurture the next generation of critics and to reach out to local and international bloggers to cover smaller film festivals and foreign films often given short shrift by other movie sites.

Want to find out more about what Cinephiled has planned? Interested in further information about promotional partnerships, advertising policy, licensing of our content or contacting one of our worldwide world-class writing staff? Contact us here.

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