sq_deliver_us_from_evil_ver2When you go to see a horror film, or a movie that focuses on supernatural phenomena, are you even more terrified when the film purports to be based on actual events? I am. Take a look at the 15-minute film below that features New York cop Ralph Sarchie whose book inspired the upcoming Scott Derrickson film Deliver Us From Evil.

The short film shows the tough-talking Sarchie explaining how he came to believe, despite his own skepticism and religious background, that a series of gruesome crimes in New York City were the result of paranormal activity.  He ultimately joined forces with a priest to help solve the frightening crimes and today is a firm believer in the existence of demonic possession as well as the effectiveness of real-life exorcisms. The feature includes interviews with the people closest to Sarchie — his colleagues as well as his family members. The film Deliver Us From Evil opens on July 2 and features Eric Bana as Ralph Sarchie along with Olivia Munn, Joel McHale and Edgar Ramirez. My one piece of advice? Don’t see it alone!