About Cinephiled

Do you love movies? We do too!

We love all kinds of movies. Short movies. Long movies. Movies that makes us laugh, make us cry, make us scared and make us think. We love movies that tell stories of the past and ones that portend the future. We love movies that are visually stunning and those that are emotionally stunning. We love great movies. And sometimes we even love shitty movies.

We started Cinephiled because we believe that there are others who care about movies as much as us, who want to share their insights about movies and who want to engage in a community conversation with other cinephiles. We believe that cinephiles like us enjoy sharing their opinions and engaging with others.

Cinephiled is a community for movie lovers to interact with other movie lovers and some of the best professional movie writers in the universe. Our contributing writers include veteran film writers who are dedicated to delivering the finest movie reviews, interviews, opinions and analysis available. Plenty of websites can tell you what’s playing at your local multiplex: the seasoned pros who write for Cinephiled will let you know about the films you need to see; from the best new releases to forgotten cult favorites to classics, indies and foreign films you may have missed. We’d like to hear from you! Weigh in with your thoughts about movies new and old in the comments section of our articles. Please join us on Cinephiled and help share in our passion for film.