Dan Harmon, the oft-fired, self-admittedly alcoholic creator of NBC’s Community, is the subject of the new documentary Harmontown. The doc follows Harmon as he takes his Harmontown podcast on the road on a tour of the country, a show he started after being fired from Community (a job he has subsequently been rehired to). The podcast itself is a rollicking live show in which Harmon is joined by ‘comptroller’ Jeff Davis and Harmon’s fiance Erin McGathy, as well as Dungeon Master Spencer Crittenden, who leads them in a game of Dungeons and Dragons to close out each show. There’s a parade of funny people who show up on the stage, including regulars Kumail Nanjiani, Bob Goldthwait and Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, not to mention the many audience members who end up a part of the show. It’s a party, and Harmon is the uninhibited host, spewing out whatever comes to his mind in a meandering stream of consciousness that often stumbles into brilliance. And sometimes he raps. Check it out here.

And take a look at the trailer for the documentary here: