Famed writer and critic Harlan Ellison pulls no punches in his assessment of the new Tom Hanks’ film “Saving Mr. Banks, ” saying of one scene in particular, “Never happened! Bogus! Made up! The Walt Disney company made up the scene … It’s bullshit, the movie is bullshit from one end to the other.”

P.L. Travers, depicted in the film by Emma Thompson (to aplomb from Ellison), apparently had a disdain for Disney that rivals Ellison’s own. “P.L. Travers hated the film ‘Mary Poppins,'” says Ellison, as surly and sharp as ever at 79, “and went to her grave attesting to that. No matter what you see in this movie, remember this little speak out, cuz no one else may tell you this.”

Well, one person did. Cinephiled’s own Danny Miller brings a similar point home in his (relatively positive) review of the film.

Watch the always entertaining, always contentious Ellison’s rant here: