Ted Hope of Hope For Film — always a vociferous advocate for Indie films — presents his list of over 30 positive trends he sees happening in the non-mainstream movie business, including the building of a sustainable investor class for small films, entrepreneurial training for filmmakers, direct distribution and the many ways crowdfunding is changing the industry. It’s an optimistic and invigorating take on how Indie film can continue to thrive in a tough market, and a must read for aspiring filmmakers and Indie film lovers. The list is a wealth of information and links off to interesting movie news from around the web. A couple of entries:

7. Direct Distribution is on course to become next year’s indie film phenomenon. It took crowd funding several years to go mainstream, but for the Direct Distro community that gathered around #A2E in 2013, it kinda felt you were there watching the Pistols or the V.U. play their initial gig, and you too were going to go home and start a band. We are learning how to work together to get our films to the people that want them. (This is an evolution from where Direct Distribution was when included on 2012′s list).

8. Sundance’s #SAS aka Artist Services has helped 80 films or so to connect with audiences and generate some significant revenue. Granted, no one’s gotten rich, but that never was a goal anyway. Their support has allowed folks to consider direct distribution not just as a back up but as Plan A. They not only have an amazing group of participating films, they have a top shelf selection of platforms to work with. The truly impressive thing is how they have also opened up the platform to several other supplying organizations. This is group learning and film support at it’s best. Here’s hoping it lasts forever and beyond!

And hey, Cinephiled made the list! (Number 21) Read the whole list here.