This week on The Lunch Podcast, regular host James Rocchi is joined by Justin Simien, the writer-director of the Sundance 2014 breakout hit Dear White People, a campus comedy about race, class and representation in an America — and the rare satire that cares about its characters with honesty and humanity even as it makes swift, slashing attacks with a rapier wit. Justin and I dined at My Two Cents on W. Pico in L.A., and then talked about Dear White People, his love of Altman and Kubrick, the pleasures of a long-lens zoom, when depressing news in the world is good news for your film, his experiences as a publicist for Paramount, Kanye West vs. Lorde vs. Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey, how to best ‘sing’ along with rap singles while not saying the  N-word, Dear White People‘s arduous but impassioned shooting schedule and much, much more. You can find Justin on twitter @JSim07, and Dear White People @DearWhitePeople

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